Happy 2022! Before we dive into this new year headfirst, we think it’s important to take a step back and reflect. Because with reflection comes growth! In 2021, the world was focused on re-building and persisting after a year of challenges and change. While the outlook was positive, it served as another year filled with trials, especially for the tech world. From microchip shortages to supply chain issues, companies everywhere felt the impact. But, despite all this, iNetSupply.com had a fantastic year of growth, thanks to our customers, partners, and dedicated and passionate team members. We’re extremely grateful and eager to share some of the achievements and additions we made in 2021, for you—our dedicated customers!

We Launched a New Website

One of our goals is to always give our customers a simple and streamlined experience. That’s why we worked to improve our website, offering more categories for easy browsing, more blogs for expert advice, and easy search capability. Plus, we are working on a new website for our sister company, Origin Micro!

We Released a Warranty Program & Rewards Program

As a customer of iNetSupply.com, you can always trust us to provide you with the best value in the industry. To further commit to that promise, this year we released a depot warranty program for additional product coverage, as well as our iPoints rewards program to give you extra for purchasing with iNetSupply.com. Now, when you sign up as a customer with iNetSupply.com, make a purchase, celebrate a birthday, or refer a friend, you’ll earn points towards future tech investments! And when you do decide to invest in innovative products to keep you on the cutting edge of technology, we’ll offer more coverage to protect your assets.

We Adapted for the Future Offering State-of-the-Art EV Chargers

in 2019 alone there was a 40% increase in electric vehicle purchases. It was then that we realized electric vehicles were going to be something big—they are the future of the automotive industry, and the world. To be on the precipice of that evolution, iNetSupply.com started to distribute TurnOnGreen EV700. This state-of-the-art, plug-and-play fast home charger allows you to add up to 200 Miles of range in just 6-8 hours of charging. It’s solutions like this that will aid in the growth of the industry, allowing consumers to ditch range anxiety and invest in the tools they need to drive in a more sustainable way.

We Grew Our Existing Partnerships & Cultivated New Partnerships

What makes iNetSupply.com who we are today is the deep partnerships we’ve cultivated with big brands over the years. It’s these relationships that allow us to continue to provide our customers with the best value in the industry. This year, we added and strengthened partnerships with HPE Aruba, PNY, and NETGEAR.

Check out some of our 2021 blog releases to learn even more about these great companies and the products they sell that we trust wholeheartedly:

We Are Ready for 2022. Are You Ready to Join Us to Innovate, Create, & Grow?

As you can see, 2021 was a year full of exciting milestones to help support our customers live a connected life, at home and in the office. And this is just the beginning. In 2022 we expect more big partnerships, innovative new product lines, and are prepared to upgrade your home and office tech to be the most innovative on the scene. Are you ready to join us? Together, we’re going to make big moves towards the future of tech and innovation! Sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of our homepage to be the first to know about all the exciting releases and news from iNetSupply.com.