Did you know that iNetSupply.com recently launched a YouTube Channel? We get a lot of questions about what a product looks like, how to set it up, how to optimize performance, etc. So, we figured why not cultivate a collection of videos that tells all the stories, unboxes all the cool products, and shows all the innovative ways to optimize tech investments. And that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Aruba August Highlights

We’ve joked that while we wish we spent all of August in Aruba, we instead spent time in our New Hampshire studio unboxing all our favorite HPE Aruba technology. Here’s what you missed in case you want to take a deeper dive:

Aruba Networking On A Budget! $300 Small Business Setup! Unboxing the Aruba 1830 Switch and AP11!

Kicking it off, we unboxed two of our favorite, versatile HPE Aruba products that are useful for all small – to mid-sized businesses seeking networking solutions.

Aruba Networking Setup and More! $300 Small Business Configuration! Connecting the 1830 and AP11!

Then, we brought it to our test bench with Ian, our tech genius, to show you exactly how to set it up—all in less than 7 minutes. Talk about efficiency!

Aruba Instant On Web Portal – Setup & Walkthrough With iNetSupply

After HPE Aruba products are set up, you operate your network from a cloud-based management system. AKA the Aruba Instant On Web Portal! We show you how to set up a new site and how to manage from there.

Which Aruba Instant On Access Point Is Right For You? A Goodbye to Aruba August!

While most of our videos featured the AP11, the AP11 isn’t the only awesome HPE Aruba access point we love. You’ll uncover options for operating on Wi-Fi 6, varied sizes, and more.

This four-episode series will show you all you need to know about setting up your network with HPE Aruba tech.

Up Next: Lenovo L14 Gen 2 ThinkPad

School is in session again! So, this month we’re featuring a deep dive into the Lenovo L14 Gen2 ThinkPad laptop with a “What’s Under the Hood” feature. This sub-$1K laptop is ideal for college students, high schoolers crafting those college apps, and professionals as well.

In the video, you’ll do a 7.5-minute deep dive on specs, capabilities, and more. Check it out!

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