If you’re scratching your head wondering where in the world the year went, you’re not alone. But here we are in December, planning for another year ahead. With that, our team has been strategizing what’s important for us as we continue to grow and serve our incredible clients. And we’ve noticed some trends that will definitely impact businesses of all kinds next year, whether you’re in e-commerce like us or have a brick-and-mortar—no business will be immune.

So, today we’re sharing just a few of those trends and how having the proper tech in place can set you up for success in the new year.  

The bridge between the digital and physical world is ever shrinking.

A lot of the “wild fiction” portrayed in films like Minority Report in 2002, like self-driving cars, retinal scanners, and a voice-controlled home—they’re all our reality just 20 years later. Technological advances have split our world into two realms, and since the pandemic, that has only accelerated. 

The short of the story: You need technology that can support the ever-increasing bandwidth of your team’s activities and customers’ demands. If it isn’t up to snuff, you’re dealing with delays, connectivity issues, and a general lack of productivity your team needs to compete in your space.

Tech Tip: Ensure you have laptops and routers that can support high-traffic environments. 

An impending recession will greatly impact cybersecurity risks.

It’s statistically proven that the risk of cyber-attacks increases upwards of 30% during economic downturns. With that, the average data breach in the U.S. in 2022 costs businesses nearly $9.5 million. Protecting your assets will provide you with the peace of mind and security that you won’t have to shell out that kind of cash during an economic downturn.

Tech Tip: Upgrade your routers and firewalls for enhanced security capabilities. This post will share some great tech to invest in.

Automated & easily managed networks are necessary to conserve resources.

In 2023, 61% of business leaders anticipate layoffs, while 70% anticipate hiring freezes. This will likely impact your IT team in the form of a lack of support and bandwidth. To keep your top talent happy and your business running smoothly, ensuring that your network is set up effectively and managed easily is critical to business success.

By having technology that speaks to each other seamlessly, you’re able to reduce your team’s workload, decrease the risk of burnout-induced human error, and it will be easily scalable when the economy recovers, and you’re able to grow your team again.

Tech Tip: Invest in brands like Ubiquiti, NETGEAR, Cisco, or Aruba, that create easily integrated switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, etc. All of these brands have easy-to-use cloud-based apps, so your team can access and manage your network from anywhere.

Here’s a great post about networking to check that you have every component you need for a solid, automated network configuration.

Let iNetSupply.com help your company thrive in 2023.

There are a lot of global events that have the potential to rock our businesses next year. The key to overcoming is preparation and ensuring that the foundation of your business—your foundation, your technology—is solid. Our team can help you determine where to invest to ensure you’re thriving this upcoming year, despite the global climate. Let’s connect!