When looking at the year ahead, what are the goals your team has established for your business? If updating your business infrastructure isn’t on that list, you may want to add it. According to the Samanage State of Workplace Survey, productivity lost due to outdated technology costs American businesses $1.8 billion per year. How much is your business losing from not investing sufficiently in your information technology infrastructure? If you do a deep dive, you may be surprised. Let’s uncover what to look for, and how to fix it!

How Investing in IT Business Infrastructure Will Help Your Business Level Up

Your business IT infrastructure can be defined as all the tech equipment needed to run your business. This could include servers, routers, and laptops and desktops. When these are out of date, your company can’t grow. Here are a few changes you’ll see if you choose to invest in your business IT infrastructure.

Inadequate Security > Enhanced Security

Cyber attacks cost businesses 50x more now than they did in 2015—that’s equivalent to $10.5 trillion dollars annually. With increased expertise and updated technology, hackers are more savvy than ever before. Your business must be protected to grow.

Decreased Productivity > Increased Productivity

Lack of automation, wifi interruptions, slow software—all of these problems that decrease productivity are outcomes of old technology. When you upgrade your IT infrastructure, you’re able to evade these issues.

Out of Date > Cutting Edge

Working in an age they’re calling “The Great Resignation” the employees hold the power. With over 40% of Americans considering leaving their jobs this year, it’s critical that your company stays relevant to maintain top talent. If you’re working with inefficient, old, faulty equipment, they’re going to leave for a more cutting-edge, tech savvy company.

All of these factors have the potential to make or break your business’ goals this year. Investing in tech is the solution that will provide immense ROI and success.

Products to Enhance Your Business Infrastructure in 2022

Each unique product plays an integral role in your business’s IT infrastructure. Here are a few necessities, and products you can trust:

Many refer to switches as the brain of the business. The switch provides the connection between all devices on your company’s network.

Cisco 250 Series SG350-10SFP – Switch – 10 Ports – Managed (SG350-10SFP-K9)

NETGEAR GS108v4 – Switch – 8 Ports – Unmanaged (NET-GS108-400NAS)

Perhaps one of the most important networking devices, your router is key to ensuring all your team can access the internet seamlessly, without interruption, all at once. Now that many businesses are cloud-based, a reliable router is more important than ever before.

NETGEAR Orbi Pro SXK80 – Wi-Fi System – 802.11a/B/G/N/Ac/Ax – Des (SXK80-100NAS)

Ubiquiti UFiber WiFi – Wireless Router – 802.11n – Wall-Mountab (UBI-UF-WIFI-US)

Wi-Fi Access Points
With spotty internet in your office or home office, you’ll never increase productivity. Wi-Fi access points allow you to expand your wi-fi reach to wherever you need to be connected.

HPE Aruba Instant ON AP22 (US) – Wireless Access Point (R4W01A)

Ubiquiti UniFi AP-AC Lite – Wireless Access Point (UBI-UAP-AC-LITE-5-US)


Laptops or desktops, computers are the network endpoints for your business’ IT infrastructure. Invest wisely, as this is one of the most important tools for your team!

Dell OptiPlex 3080 – SFF – Core I5 10505 3.2 GHz – 8 GB – SSD 256 GB (C81YR)

Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 – 14″” – Ryzen 5 4500U – 8 GB RAM – 256 GB (20T60072US)

Video Conferencing Technology
A new necessity in 2022, proper webinars, meetings, and events only happen seamlessly with the right equipment.

Konftel C50800 Hybrid – Video Conferencing Kit (KO-854401088)

Yealink VC800 – Video Conferencing Kit – With Collaboratio (YEA-VC800-CTP-BASIC)

This is just a small selection of technology we have for businesses of all sizes. Each company has unique requirements, which is why we stock the best, always. Browse our website to find what your business needs!

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