Our iNetSupply.com team just had the best time dabbling in everything Aruba for the past month. No, we didn’t take a sabbatical to bask on a sunny beach in the Caribbean. Although, that does sound delightful, doesn’t it? Aruba August was our celebration of everything HPE Aruba, one of our favorite brands for business networking solutions.

If you’ve never heard of them, check out this blog that gives the down low on everything we love about them and their products.

All About our iNetSupply.com YouTube Channel

So, we launched the YouTube channel just over four months ago and started with epic unboxing videos of some of our favorite tech solutions for both work and play. You can find the TurnOnGreen EV Charger, the HPE Aruba InstantOn 1960 Managed POE + Network Switch, and tons more.

But with our recent content, especially the Aruba August content, we’re diving even deeper.

Our goal is to share valuable networking tips, tricks, and configurations that are ideal for large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs working at home, and more. We want to make technology simple and accessible, and that’s what you can catch in our videos!

Sneak Peek of the HPE Aruba Content

Wondering exactly what videos you’ll find and what tech we’re covering? We’ll give you a sneak peek in the blog if you promise to give them a watch after!

By the end of the Aruba August series, small-to-medium-sized business owners will have an entire business network setup for less than $300. No, that’s not a typo. The videos cover the unboxing of the Aruba 1830 Switch and the AP11 Wireless Access Point. These two simple, easy-to-deploy products are ideal for businesses gearing up for growth because they’re both affordable and easy to scale.

The videos, led by both our marketing team and tech gurus, will dive into the unboxing of these epic products, the technical setup, how to optimize, and more. By the time you’re done with the series, you’ll have legit everything you need to get your office setup in minutes, with the exact step-by-step process. No terrible tech guides with thousands of words to try and figure out configuration or hundreds of dollars spent on technical labor to get it set up.

Intrigued? Watch them here.

Catch-Up on Aruba August Now!

If you’re like us, and you get butterflies in your stomach and a zing of excitement every time you get to open a new tech product, or if you’re just super overwhelmed with starting your business networking journey, you’re going to really love these Aruba August videos.

Check out our channel to catch up on all our August content, and hit that red “Subscribe” button to make sure you don’t miss any videos as we continue to roll them out!