You’ve heard of Cisco Systems, you’ve heard of Dell EMC, but have you heard of HPE Aruba? HPE Aruba Technology is a Hewlett Packard subsidiary that is consistently ranked in the top 10 enterprise networking companies, offering networking equipment that is high-quality and reliable for all your business needs. has a full stock of new HPE Aruba wireless access points and small business switch solutions, so we get a lot of questions about the brand and their capabilities—today we’re going to break it down!

HPE Aruba Technology Features

First, let’s talk about features of the brand. Ideally crafted for small businesses, the seamless setup, remote capabilities, and strong security are huge draws. Did we mention they offer incredible pricing?

Easy Multi-Site Remote Management

As your business expands and as remote work continues to grow in popularity, one plus of HPE Aruba is their seamless multi-site remote management capabilities. The devices are based in cloud-hosted web interfaces with mobile application management. Each site has the ability to design its own configuration, guest access, and more.

Business-Grade Software

Their solutions are deployed with business-grade software features that don’t come at an additional cost. These professional solutions are trusted and accessible for businesses of all sizes, allowing room for growth and development.

High Performance Capabilities

The goal of HPE Aruba Technology equipment is unified infrastructure. The technology is designed for seamless handoffs between access points, simple integration that can be setup without too much technical know-how, and failsafe security options.

Competitive Pricing

Small business budgets can’t always afford solutions put out by Cisco or bigger competitors. HPE ensures pricing is accessible for businesses in all phases of life.

Secure Guest Access

Not only can your teams access securely, but each solution also provides simple guest access options that allow you to welcome partners without putting your data at risk. You can even customize access with your logo and offer open networks as needed with bandwidth limits.

Built-In Security Gateway/ Firewall

Data security is top of mind as a priority for all businesses today. All HPE Aruba products offer built-in security gateways and firewalls to keep unwanted bots and intruders out of your network.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Their solutions are designed for small businesses of all sizes and diverse requirements, ensuring safety, function, and seamless access for all. HPE Aruba Technology Stock

The HPE Aruba Technology networking equipment is all designed with small business needs at the forefront. Each of the below solutions is easy to use and set up so you can protect your data and information seamlessly!

Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

Everything we do as businesses today relies on connectivity. The HPE Aruba Technology WAPs allow your Wi-Fi to reach further with a reliable connection that your team can count on. We currently offer the following HPE WAPs:

HPE Aruba Instant ON AP11 (US)

Ideal for home offices and small businesses with single locations.
Part # R2W95A

HPE Aruba Instant ON AP12 (US)

Ideal for medical offices or retail locations with high traffic.
Part # R2X00A

HPE Aruba Instant ON AP15 (US)

Ideal for tech startups or businesses with power users transferring high volumes of data.
Part # R2X05A

HPE Aruba Instant ON AP22 (US)

Ideal for businesses processing massive amounts of data with existing IoT and mobile environments. This WAP provides up to 4x greater capacity than base models like the AP11.
Part # R4W01A

Managed Switches

In order to scale your small business, you must set up a network infrastructure that’s secure and able to handle the volume of traffic you’re looking to scale to. HPE Aruba’s managed switches will allow you to do just that.

HPE Aruba Instant On 1930 24G Class4 PoE 4SFP/SFP+ 370W Switch

Ideal for businesses of all sizes, this switch solution features smart technology for remote management, security controls, and all the benefits mentioned in the features above!
Part # JL684A#ABA

More HPE Aruba switches are to come, so check back on our stock or ask our team if you don’t see the solutions you need online.

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