If you’re sick of being the only one on the Zoom call with poor connection and fuzzy video, it could be time to invest in a wireless access point. Wireless access points are easy-to-deploy tech devices that extend your wi-fi reach so you can comfortably and efficiently work from anywhere in your home, office, shop, etc. One that we love most at iNetSupply.com is the Aruba Instant On AP-11. Why? Well, not only does it work super well, but it’s also less than $100 (and ready to ship). So, ready to learn who it’s ideal for and why it’s so great?

Who is the Aruba Instant On AP-11 Ideal For?

In reality, the Aruba Instant On AP-11 is ideal for any small to medium-sized business. But it’s most popular with startups, retail and hospitality outlets, medical offices, etc. Businesses that have high traffic but not necessarily a huge budget for tech or labor.

6 Perks of the Aruba Instant On AP-11

So, what are some of the perks of this specific wireless access point?

Strong Security

Security is key for businesses of all sizes, with cyber attacks increasing daily. With features like two-factor authentication, a built-in firewall to stop bots from entering your network, and more.

Simple Setup

It’s so simple to set up, in fact, that one of our team members sets it up and configures it with a switch in less than 7 minutes. Check out the video!

Easy Guest Access

For startups hosting investors on-site and cafes or offices welcoming guests in daily, offering guest access is a quick way to delight your guests. Everyone’s entire life is on their phone these days, and if they can’t connect to wi-fi, it immediately puts a bad taste in their mouth.

Cloud-Hosted Management

All Aruba Instant On products are managed by a simple mobile application that anyone can download. With this, you’re able to monitor and manage your network from anywhere in the world.

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

This wireless access point is primed for both indoor and outdoor functionality. If you want to bring it outside on your patio for guests to enjoy while having an al fresco working lunch, all you need is an outdoor bracket.

Enterprise Level Connectivity

At the end of the day, the most important thing about your wireless access point is that it works and keeps your team connected and productive. With this affordable access point, you’re able to work quickly without interruption.

Shop the Aruba Instant On AP-11 at iNetSupply.com

iNetSupply.com has plenty of Aruba Instant On AP-11s in stock and ready to ship next business day. Plus, if you want to see exactly how to set it up and integrate it with an Aruba 1830 Switch for a full business networking solution, check out our YouTube channel. In August, we broke it all down so you can see the exact product, how to set it up, and how to optimize! By the time your wireless access point arrives, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and be set up in minutes.