NETGEAR has been a household name for years. Most well-known for their trusty routers, it’s likely at some point in your life you’ve owned a NETGEAR tech solution without even knowing it. Now, more than ever before, NETGEAR is providing fast, reliable home Wi-Fi solutions and networking equipment that has powered families and businesses through this new era of working and learning from anywhere. In fact, recently reviewed the best mesh routers for full Wi-Fi coverage in 2021, and NETGEAR held the top spot for best value and best performance solutions!

Our promise to you this year was bringing more equipment and brands at the best prices. That’s why we’re thrilled to now be able to bring these unparalleled solutions to you, our valued customers, at better prices than our competitors as an authorized distributor!

NETGEAR Small Business Solutions

Carrying the full suite of NETGEAR solutions is a game-changer for small businesses especially. As NETGEAR solutions are built to be user-friendly so you can “run your business, not your IT”—which small businesses owners appreciate more than ever in today’s ever-changing business environment. The SMB products we will carry include, but aren’t limited to:

Wi-Fi Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

Connectivity is key. WAPs will allow your team to connect anywhere, seamlessly, extending wi-fi coverage everywhere you need without interruption. The Wi-Fi 6 devices provide 70% faster speeds with 50% more coverage and 4x the device capacity for businesses of all sizes.

Smart Switches

The NETGEAR business switch solutions are scalable for any business site and easily built with little to no technical know-how. They easily connect to the cloud for remote management capability that allows you to operate from anywhere!

Business Routers

The NETGEAR routers provide peace of mind with built-in firewall and VPN capabilities that are put in place to protect your network effortlessly with remote management options.

Why NETGEAR Solutions?

So, you may be asking, what makes NETGEAR solutions different than the rest? Here are a few ways we think NETGEAR stands out—the reasons why we were so adamant about becoming an authorized distributor to bring these products to more people.

Ease of Use

Most NETGEAR solutions are plug and play, meaning that if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can still set up your equipment by simply reading the directions or maybe watching a quick video on YouTube. They design their equipment in a way that anyone can use it. Unlike Cisco or other large business networking companies, you don’t have to understand how to set up a command line or configure anything on your own. If you’re like most homeowners or small business owners, just reading that sounds like a foreign language, right? So, these solutions are made for you. To ensure ease of use so you’re not spending all your time learning new equipment and technology, you can focus on what truly matters to you, your family, and your business!

Accessible Pricing

NETGEAR pricing is already more accessible than many tech companies out there. But as an authorized distributor, will now get even greater discounts which we can extend to our customers in the form of better pricing than a lot of other sites out there selling NETGEAR. So, if you’re in the market for a router, modem, simple networking equipment, or any of the full suite of NETGEAR solutions, come to us first—we’ll have the best price for you!

Simple Cloud Management

Our lives have become more and more transient, with the demand to connect from anywhere. Whether you’re at home trying to connect to your work network or setting up remote offices for your small business, accessibility is of the utmost importance. All NETGEAR solutions are easily managed via a cloud-based network and mobile application that anyone can log on to to easily centralize all your NETGEAR tools in one place.

Uncomplicated Modular Build Options

NETGEAR offers both managed and unmanaged switch options so you can determine what your business needs and what your comfort level is with building out your network. If you’re a small business that’s new to the networking world with minimal tech support, they have some incredible, straightforward options that will allow you to level up without the headache of building and managing a network alone.

Outfit Your Connected Home or Business with NETGEAR from

Connectivity is more important than ever for life and business. As an authorized distributor of NETGEAR solutions, will allow you to set yourself up for success, seamlessly. Browse the full suite of NETGEAR products on our website to discover all you need to ensure you are connected at home and work. We’ve always got your back at with the best equipment, at the best prices!