When you’re looking for a new laptop, you browse the web and see notebook on some product descriptions and laptop on others. Many question what the difference is for a split second, but then just zoom on by, assuming it’s just two different ways to say the same thing. But, in reality, there are a handful of differences between a laptop and a notebook. 

Let’s break them down for you today, shall we? 


4 Key Differences Between a Laptop and a Notebook

While these two portable computers are incredibly similar, they do have some basic differences.


A standard laptop can weigh up to eight pounds, whereas the average notebook weighs in under five pounds at most. For example, this HP EliteBook 850 – 15.6” Notebook weighs only 3.8 pounds.


Laptops are typically a bit more expensive than a notebook because their configuration is typically a bit more complex. Regardless, both notebooks and laptops are more expensive simply due to the demand for the level of portability.

Battery Life

If you’re on the road a lot, a notebook may be better simply due to the fact that it will keep its charge longer. The average notebook holds a charge between 7-14 hours, whereas the average laptop rings in at 6-10 hours.


Peripheral devices are additional devices to put info on and get info from a computer. The most standard today is a USB port, which you’ll get on both a laptop and a notebook. But, typically, laptops come with additional options like CD drives, card readers, etc., meaning you don’t have to connect these things via external devices. 


When to Purchase a Laptop vs. When to Purchase a Notebook 

So, with that in mind, when should you purchase one or the other? 

If you travel a lot or are working in a hybrid scenario where you’re toting your computer from place to place, go with a notebook. Their lightweight nature allows for greater portability! But, if you’re typically in one place for a while and are processing a ton of data for your job or if you’re a gamer in your spare time, we consider going for a laptop. They generally have higher performance power that will allow you to do what you need to do more expeditiously.

Ultimately, both options are going to keep you connected and productive. You can upgrade software, RAM, etc. to ensure that you have exactly what you need in either option!


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