At our number one goal is to make IT simple for our customers by providing solutions that are easily managed, with or without IT experience. That’s why one of our favorite products, as well as a favorite of our customers, recently is the HPE Aruba Instant On. Developed in 2019, this state-of-the-art full stack networking solution allows small- to mid-size businesses and individuals working from home to stay connected, seamlessly.

Here’s a quick overview with a full 101 on HPE Aruba Instant On!

How HPE Aruba Instant On Works

The number one thing our customers love about HPE Aruba Instant On is the fact that it is incredibly simple to set up and manage a full stack solution for a small business or home office, even without a tech background. A simple mobile application will walk you through the setup process whether you’re using an Aruba Instant On Wireless Access Point, Aruba Instant On Switch, or both! Via Bluetooth technology, your mobile phone and HPE Aruba Instant On equipment will be synched for automated configuration. In minutes, you’ll have secure, reliable Wi-Fi ready to support your business growth. Now that’s high level, but it really is that simple!

Benefits of HPE Aruba Instant On

HPE Aruba Instant On opens doors for your business that you never dreamed of. Here are just a few of the benefits of using this simple, yet highly impactful suite of products.

Enterprise-Level Security Features

Some of the security features you can expect from your HPE Aruba Instant On technology includes two-factor authentication, a foundation built on the HPE Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chipset to ensure hackers can’t compromise your network, WPA3 authentication with robust encryption, and a built-in firewall to block unwanted traffic. You can also fully control both employee and guest network usage via the app. And that’s just some of the features!

Reliable Speed & Efficiency

The network performance received by HPE Aruba Instant On is unparalleled for similar products with such simple configuration and setup. The technology is built to detect errors and heal itself, ensuring top speeds and no downtime.

Simple Cloud Management Capability from Anywhere

The Aruba Instant On solution comes with a user-friendly mobile app that allows stakeholders to log on and monitor their network from anywhere, with real-time alerts for connectivity problems or potential security risks.

No IT Team Required for Network Maintenance

It’s no secret that IT support is expensive. And while it is absolutely necessary for your business, there are solutions like this one that allow you to manage your network on your own or designate an internal team member to do so. The simple mobile app makes it easy to manage without technical know-how.

HPE Aruba Instant On Can Transform Your Business Efficiency

From saving money on IT support to ensuring your Wi-Fi reaches all ends of your place of work with a reliable connection, HPE Aruba Instant On ensures ultimate efficiency. And efficiency means money saved and ROI. Doesn’t that sound nice? Browse all our HPE Aruba Instant On solutions in stock ready to ship today!