There are a lot of value-added resellers out there in the tech world, friends. And while we know that experiences may vary when relying on a VAR, we’re here to tell you—we’re not all the same. And is truly one of the best VARs around. With some VARs, you can spend half an hour on the line only to get an automated voice message pointing you in 6 different directions for help, or you can come to – Within seconds, on our website, one of our team members will engage with you over chat. Real people in real time. Let’s explore this some more.

What is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)?

But first, if you’re new to IT purchasing or are buying staples for your home, you may not know what a VAR is. Essentially, we’re a third-party reseller for big business, and consumer tech brands like Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, HPE, Yealink—the list goes on. But, beyond just selling those products, we offer a little something more. In our case, that means impeccable customer service (we’ll expand on this next), depot warranties, and the best prices around.

So, now that we’ve got that sorted out. Why are we unlike the others? Well, other VARs focus more on making money than the “value-added” part of the label. Let’s talk about what makes us different…

It’s Simple to Chat with a REAL Human

When you call our office, you’re chatting with a real-life person sitting in an office in good ol’ New Hampshire. No recorded messages that take you 25 clicks to get to a human, and when you chat with our trusty bot online, you can push him to the side and ask to chat with support immediately. We connect our team to help answer your questions in seconds (within business hours, of course—we’re not robots, so we do need sleep).

We Build Relationships to Get You the Best Deals Possible

Our business is built on relationships. You don’t last 20+ years in a highly competitive and transformative space when you don’t have connections. Our team has spent decades cultivating relationships with all the biggest names in tech so we can negotiate the best pricing possible.

It’s important to us that our pricing is the best in the industry and that we always have hard-to-find products in stock, even with the global climate.

Customer Service is Our #1 Priority

Simply put, with, the sale isn’t over once it’s shipped. You can count on us to become your partner in technology. We help you protect your investments, optimize your networking, and ensure that you’re getting the very best deal to keep your home and business connected in this digital world. In short, we’ve got your back, always.

Shop & Change Your Opinion on the VAR Experience

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