No, we’re not talking about a tropical summer vacation, although that does sound great, doesn’t it? Our version of Aruba August is a bit more techy. This month on our YouTube channel, we’re featuring a favorite Aruba Switch Solution and an Aruba Access Point Solution… so let’s break those down, shall we?

History of HPE Aruba

HPE Aruba is a Hewlett Packard subsidiary that’s consistently been ranked as one of the top enterprise networking companies in the world. Simply put, you can trust them to keep your network running securely.

They were founded in 2002 as Aruba Networks and acquired just over a decade later in 2015 by tech giant Hewlett-Packard for $3 billion dollars. Now, their revenue has reached over $3 billion annually with 7,000 employees in 7 regions worldwide. Talk about some major growth! And you know why they’ve grown? Their dedication to quality, innovation, and affordability.

Why We Love HPE Aruba Solutions

These award-winning solutions are not only reliable and affordable, but they’re simple to use for anyone. You don’t need to be a tech genius to put together your business network or spend thousands of dollars on a consultant to get it up and running.

We love them so much that we wrote an entire blog about the tech features and our favorite products if you want to get into the nitty-gritty tech details!

HPE Aruba in the News

Another thing we love about HPE Aruba that we didn’t mention above is their constant desire for innovation. Most recently, in July 2022, they launched new AI features that will automate and simplify network management unlike ever before.

This new tool, Client Insights, will allow companies in a growth phase to take their security to the next level. The AI tool detects new devices being added to the cloud management system. It then collects data on its traffic and will detect cybersecurity issues immediately. And this is just one of the features. Others include Spanish-language options, firmware recommendations, technical pointers to help teams, and more.

A recent article by Silicon Angle shared a quote from Larry Lunetta, the VP of Product Solutions. He stated that, “Our AIOps features help enterprises reduce trouble tickets by up to 75% while optimizing their network performance by 25% or more.”

That’s huge! And just another reason why this tech is worth the investment. They care about creating solutions that make their consumers’ lives easier while protecting their most valuable assets.

Oh, about those awards we mentioned, these are just a few recent awards (you can check out the press room here for more info):

Frost & Sullivan, 2021 Global SD-WAN Vendor Competitive Strategy Leadership Award.
CRN, CRN’S 2021 Products of the Year: 3 SMB solution winners
CRN, CRN’S 2022 Channel Chiefs
CRN, 2021 Annual Report Card Winner
Gartner, 2021 Peer Insights Customer Choice for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Check Out Our Aruba August Features on YouTube

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