If you’re still working from the dining room table or the couch, it’s time to transition. Working from home isn’t going anywhere for a lot of people. And while these locales may be comfortable, they’re not nearly as productive. A Nulab.com study confirmed it, in fact. Those who work at a desk are more productive than those who choose other spots in the house. So, if you’re trying to get that promotion, or even just log off early because you’ve checked off all of your to-do list—a good desk setup is key to that success. So, what’s the top thing you need on that desk? A docking station.

At iNetSupply.com, our team loves docking stations. Today, we’re going to share why and how to choose the best one for you!

Why Docking Stations Are One of the Top Work Accessories

A docking station is a simple piece of technology that allows you to connect your laptop seamlessly to a monitor. This means that not only do you not have to have a desktop at home anymore, but you can also actually use multiple screens at once.

And, let’s be honest. If you’ve experienced that multiple screen life before, you can’t go back to a tiny little laptop screen 24/7. You can look at a troubleshooting article on one screen and fix the problem on the other. Perhaps you’re writing, and you can write on one screen and look at your source on the other. For the graphic designers, you can have your brand colors listed on one screen and your Adobe Illustrator workspace on the other. Or, if you’re just not into it that day, you can work on one screen and binge your favorite Netflix show on the other (we won’t tell). You get the picture!

Essentially, it gives you the portability of a laptop with the comfort and productivity of a desktop. A win-win!

How to Choose a Docking Station That Elevates Your Productivity

So, if that sounds like the solution you’ve been searching for to enhance your flexibility and productivity, how do you choose one? Here are the top things to consider:

Ensure Compatibility: Most newer laptops have a USB-C connection that you’ll need to hook up your laptop to the docking station. Some ports will have both USB-C and Thunderbolt connections, so just make sure you have the correct one for compatibility.

Port Availability: You want to make sure that the docking station has all the ports you need, including, but not limited to, VGA, HDMI, DisplayPorts, etc.

A Few Docking Stations Our iNetSupply.com Team Loves

Dell Docking Station WD19S – Docking Station – USB-C – HDMI (WD19S180W)
Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD19TBS – Docking Station – USB-C / Thunderbolt (WD19TBS)
HP USB-C Mini Dock – Docking Station – USB-C – VGA, HDMI – GigE (1PM64AA)

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You want your home office to be a comfortable space that allows you to work exactly how and when you want to. To do that, you need the right technology on your side. More often than not, a docking station is transformative for the way you work. Check out our stock of ready-to-ship docking stations on iNetSupply.com!