If you’ve spent the last year and a half toggling with your computer audio for Zoom calls or juggling your cell and video chats because you can’t connect, it could be time to level up. How? Investing in a solid headset that can increase comfort and productivity, all just by plugging in or connecting via Bluetooth, it’s that simple. A H.B. Maynard & Company study found that by using a headset you can increase your productivity up to 43% (want a raise, anyone?) and decrease muscle tension in your neck, shoulders, and back by 41%. Seems like a win-win to us, don’t you agree? These reasons and more are why we’re big proponents of headsets at iNetSupply.com. And one of our favorite brands to use is Yealink. Here are a few options from this state-of-the-art brand that could work for you!

Choosing the Right Yealink Headset for Your Business Needs

Not everyone’s business headset needs are created equal. Here are a few different options based upon different requirements!

For those who need to cancel out the dogs barking or yelling coworkers…

Yealink WH62 Dual UC (WH62-DUAL-UC)

This ever-popular Yealink headset option features leatherette ear cushions that provide comfort as well as stellar noise cancellation with their Acoustic Shield technology so you can zone out from your surroundings and really focus on work in any environment, no matter how hectic! Did we mention they’re insanely comfortable, too? So you can easily wear them for your entire work day without any irritation.

For those that need to hear the kids in case of emergency, but also want soundproof mic capability…

Yealink WH62 Mono UC (WH62-MONO-UC)

This headset is the same as the one above, just with mono configuration so you still have one ear free to listen to what’s going on outside your workspace. They also feature HD Voice technology to ensure high-quality audio that goes both ways with 2x the noise cancellation on the microphone so while you can hear what’s going on your coworkers can’t.

For those that practically live on Microsoft Teams meetings…

Yealink WH63 (WH63-TEAMS)

This wireless headset is ideal for those who are on back-to-back Microsoft Teams meetings in the office or at home (or both!). With a range of 400 feet, you can even get up and walk around your space for a little movement break during meetings—ideal for those who like to walk and talk (honestly even if you don’t use Teams it is great for this feature). There’s a seamless Teams button on the dock to activate Microsoft Teams with one touch of a button.

For those who like to forget to charge their electronic devices…

Yealink WH67 (WH67-UC)

This headset/workstation is ideal for those who forget to plug in electronics because it’s all set up on a simple base that will remind you to leave your wireless headset on it as you walk away from your desk. These are also great for offices to install at each workspace as there is seamless flexibility to connect multiple devices and it can act as a hub for all your team’s critical communication technology.

Ready to Level Up? Grab a Yealink Headset from iNetSupply.com

If you’re sick and tired of feeling stiff from hunching over the phone on calls, not being able to hear audio on your Zoom meetings, or constantly being asked to put yourself on mute because you have too much background noise, it’s time for a change. Browse the Yealink headset options on our website to determine which is the best for your unique office setup. Even better, if you have to head back to a hybrid work environment, grab one for both home and office so you’re always professional and prepared regardless of your location!