It’s happening again, has another new product line for our valued customers, both business and consumer! We’re excited to introduce you to Ubiquiti. While Ubiquiti may not be a household name quite yet, their progressive IoT solutions for home paired with their reliable business networking solutions are going to take them to the top very soon. This U.S.-based technology company is guided by a mission to simplify IT with easy-to-use products that enhance efficiency, connectivity, and security for both home and office. Their solutions are high-quality, without a high price tag for ultimate value—which is always our ultimate goal at

Let’s talk about just a few of the solutions we love, and we know you will too.

Favorite Ubiquiti Products for Home

Ubiquiti AirCube ACB-AC – Wireless Access Point (ACB-AC)

Do you struggle to get Wi-Fi to stream easily in your bedroom across the house from the router? Or maybe your home office isn’t getting the signal you need to conduct Zoom calls without interruption. Get one or more of these Ubiquiti AirCubes to extend your Wi-Fi reach to all corners of your home, seamlessly. Super compact with a modern appearance, it won’t take away from your home’s aesthetic but will absolutely enhance your connectivity!

UniFi Protect Cameras

Coming soon to our stock is Ubiquiti’s line of UniFi Protect Cameras. Wi-Fi enabled, weatherproof, outdoor cameras with features like infrared detection, optical zoom, and built-in microphones add an extra layer of home security whether you’re near or far.

Top Ubiquiti Products for Office

Ubiquiti UniFi USG – Security Appliance (USG)

Network security is a top priority for businesses of all sizes in today’s landscape. With more cyber attacks than ever before, ensuring you have the right product on your side to serve as a gateway to your network is business critical. Ubiquiti’s advanced security solutions are top notch, simple to set up, and easily integrated with their entire suite of products.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-4 – Router – Desktop (ER-4-US)

If you’re bringing teams back to the office, this desktop router is an ideal solution to install. Delivering 3.4 million packets per second processing, a versatile design that allows for easy stacking with rack-mounted kits, and a user-friendly central management system, it’s an ideal solution for small and large businesses alike.

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-M-PRO – Wireless Access Point (UAP-AC-M-PRO-5-US)

For businesses like lumber yards, manufacturing facilities, golf venues, etc. extensive outdoor Wi-Fi coverage is required for seamless business operations. This specific WAP provides extensive range to help you operate your business from anywhere on business grounds.

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If you’re in search of reliable IT solutions that won’t break the bank, Ubiquiti products are a good place to start your search. Browse our selection of Ubiquiti products today to find the solutions that will enhance your home or business connectivity! And this is just the beginning, we have much more in store when it comes to their affordable, yet cutting-edge IT solutions.