There is no secret that the electric vehicle (EV) market has grown substantially across the globe. EV makes up an innovative industry that continues to pioneer sustainability and forges ahead, inspiring environmental reform in the automotive world—along with the way we live in general!

For those who have purchased an EV already, one reality that you are likely facing is the need to charge your vehicle at home. While you may get lucky and have some spots to charge at work or another local public area, those resources are not readily available. Also with many working from home and navigating new realities of life, it is important now more than ever to ensure that your car will always have a secure place to recharge.

That’s why is excited to announce a new partnership with Coolisys Technologies Corp., a subsidiary company of Ault Global Holdings, Inc. will be the exclusive North American distributor of their state-of-the-art ACECool™ Residential Level 2, 7kW Single EV Charger! This product has numerous benefits that will enhance your life and make owning an EV that much easier… here’s why!

Understanding the different Levels of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Before we dive into why the ACECool™ Residential Level 2, 7kW Single EV Charger is one of the best options out there for residential EV charging, let’s talk about EV charger levels so you can fully understand what you’re working with when selecting an at-home EV charging solution!

Level 1 EV Charger

This is the most basic level EV charger that comes standard with a purchase of an EV vehicle. The level 1 EV charger simply plugs into your standard 120V outlet at home. Seems great in theory, but the charge only provides you with around 5 miles of range for every hour charged. That means super long charging times to get anywhere past your driveway!

Level 2 EV Charger

The level 2 charger is what many see as the gold standard for your average consumer. It’s charged with a 200V+ outlet, same as an appliance like your washer or dryer, with a huge difference in range. For every hour you charge you’ll get up to 60 miles, depending on voltage available. It makes charging at home a simple, practical option!

Level 3 EV Charger

The highest level EV charger is a level 3. This is essentially the commercial level charger that you’ll find in office parks, public gas stations, and apartment complexes. It utilizes as much as 800 volts to charge an electric vehicle to almost full power in less than a half hour.

So, as you can see, the level 2 chargers are the most accessible and sensible for individual EV owners to use at their home!

The Benefits of Coolisys ACECool™ Residential Level 2, 7kW Single EV Charger

Having an electric vehicle comes with a variety of benefits. Annual savings on gas and vehicle maintenance, lesser emissions to help make our world more sustainable, and never mind the tax credits! But your electric vehicle and the lifestyle it allows you to manifest are only good if they’re supported by a reliable charger. This is why EV owners are loving Coolisys ACECool™ Residential Level 2, 7kW Single EV Charger:

Easy Hookup & High Efficiency

With a simple 32-amp wall charging station, all you need is a 240v power configuration to receive 6x faster charge than other chargers. This adds up to 25 more miles of range per hour! No more range anxiety here!


At we sell this charging device for only $599, with a current promotional price of $499 that will expire soon! For this one-time, low cost charger purchase, you’ll be fueling your car for years to come, without the unreliable time suck of the level 1 charger.

Universal Connection

Not only is it affordable, but the SAE J1772 connector ensures that the home charging station is compatible with literally any electric or plug-in-hybrid vehicles, including Teslas with the provided adapter cable.

Simple, affordable, and reliable!

Charge Your Electric Vehicle Quickly & Affordably with

As a part of our 2021 initiative to diversify and expand our tech products and to better serve our customers in life and business, we are thrilled to be the exclusive North American distributor for the Coolisys ACECool™ Residential Level 2, 7kW Single EV Charger. We understand just how impactful the EV industry will be on the future of our world, and we’re excited to be a part of it. Are you an EV owner searching for an at-home EV charging solution that will allow you to drive farther without the high price tag? Let’s chat today!