At we know that you have a lot of options for buying tech online, which is why we are honored that you’ve chosen us as your preferred IT distributor. We demonstrate our appreciation through high quality customer service and no-nonsense pricing on our website. When you become a part of the family, your purchases are supported by our responsive team with decades of experience in the tech industry.

With the world of work changing daily, more companies are finding the need to go remote. These unprecedented times are forcing every-day business owners to adopt more complicated, remote setups, which makes equipping your business with the necessary tech more difficult than ever before. This is one area where can really help. Our team is ready to help with both your consumer and professional tech needs.

We talk to many new customers every day and they often ask us to describe the benefits of shopping with; here’s what we think…

Reliable, High-QualityStock for Quick Shipping is an independent, stocking distributor, which means that we have a warehouse filled to the brim with the industries latest, brand name tech products. All of which are prepped and ready to be shipped that same business day! We have heard lots of positive feedback from customers in regards to our speedy shipping services. In fact, this feature is greatly utilized by hundreds of IT teams who are looking to quickly purchase tech in a pinch.

Over the years, we have simplified every aspect of order fulfillment. By focusing our efforts on automation, internal organization and reliable relationships with freight carriers, we have cut down on more complex and costly processes, which are used by many of the larger tech distributors. With decades of experience and a concerted, company-wide effort to appease our customers, has reached a high level of sustained and controlled order fulfillment.

Purchasing Power

The management of our inventory has become second nature, which has allowed us to heavily invest in high quality tech at incredibly high volumes. This part of our process allows to purchase great products in great quantities and it is our extended relationships with Tier-1 distributors that allow us to buy these products at great prices. Purchasing through, will not only leave you satisfied by the speed at which your order is delivered but our entire process helps us to offer the tech you need at a price you love!

Depot Warranties

At minimum, iNetSupply supports all “New” products with a standard depot warranty for a period of time that is equal to or greater than the standard manufacturer’s warranty period. Please contact your representative if you have a warranty issue or further questions regarding warranty service. Most products sold carry the original manufacturer’s warranty. Some restrictions may apply. Please check the manufacturer’s website for specific warranty information regarding open market sourced products. iNetSupply offers a 60 day DOA replacement warranty on all products sold as well as a depot warranty for the period equivalent to the manufacturer’s warranty. Ask your iNet representative for more details.

Customer-centric Service

We live by the motto “Your satisfaction is our guarantee”. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not happy. The availability of IT is constrained now more than ever as our lives transition between work and personal life and while home offices become the new norm. We aim to help you as best we can in order to set up your new home office network seamlessly. We don’t turn our backs on you once you make a purchase. As mentioned before, you become a part of the family and we treat you that way, making sure all your tech and IT needs are taken care of. That’s a guarantee!

A Team of Real People, No Bots or Automation

Altogether, our team has been at this business since 1997. Our dedicated sales representatives have the knowledge to help you make an educated purchase. Additionally we have the networks and the means to source products for just about any IT project. You can rest assured that we are here to help. Whether you have a question about what to purchase or product specifications, we’re here for you. It’s not like calling HP or Dell and waiting on the line for what seems like an eternity to be connected to a real human. We pride ourselves in personalized attention from our expert team! brings peace of mind to your Ecommerce experience. Don’t believe us? Call & Find out why hundreds have made their preferred vendor in IT.

The Benefits of Doing Business with

Moral of the story: if you want to work with a team of real people with real knowledge and real customer-centric mentality—we’re your guys. We’re eager to hear from you and can’t wait to welcome you to the family.