Over 80% of today’s workforce wants to work from home at least part of the week. This stat and the fact that employees are leaving in droves during the Great Resignation has employers listening. Nearly 75% of businesses are adopting a hybrid work model. That means your business needs to prepare your infrastructure for hybrid work. And a lot of that is managing your tech to make sure your employee setups are seamless from home to office and back. One product our team can’t live without for hybrid work setups is docking stations. Recently, a favorite is the HP USB-C Mini Dock, which seamlessly connects multiple technology solutions with one simple port.

So, why do we love docking stations so much for hybrid work? Two reasons:

Reason #1: Savings on Extra Tech

At iNetSupply.com, we love providing our customers with savings. Sometimes that means crafty setups, not just product discounts. For example, when you’re working in multiple locations, that means you’re going to need monitors at each desk and added connectivity. But, when you utilize a docking station, you can use your laptop as that desktop or additional monitor. This will provide your business savings when you have hundreds of team members setting up home offices for hybrid work! Simply outfit each desk with a laptop, monitor, and docking station, and you won’t need a desktop and laptop for each employee.

Reason #2: More Screen Space

Inevitably, you’ll be more productive if you have more screen space. Why? You’re not using the keyboard controls to view two programs on one tiny laptop screen. Nor are you flipping back and forth between windows.

For example, marketers can view messaging on one screen and the event description on another to ensure accuracy in promo materials. Accountants can compare P&L statements on two different screens. Researchers can research one screen and take notes on the other. These are just a few examples of why extended screen capability with a docking station can cultivate considerable jumps in productivity.

iNetSupply.com In Stock Products for Your Ideal Docking Station Setup

We’ve noticed many clients are on an HP laptop kick these days, and for a good reason. They offer lightweight and portable technology solutions that are easy to transport from one place to another, i.e., office to home in today’s new hybrid world.

So, when you’re putting together your hybrid work setup, we have a few product recommendations for you to consider:

HP ProBook 450 G8 – 15.6″” – Core I5 1135G7 – 8 GB RAM – 256 GB SSD (28K93UT#ABA)

A versatile, all-purpose laptop for those on the go.

HP EliteBook 840 G8 – 14″” – Core I5 1145G7 – VPro – 16 GB RAM – 25 (360W1UT#ABA)

Not sure if you want the EliteBook or the ProBook? Check out our blog breaking down the differences.

HP USB-C Mini Dock – Docking Station – USB-C – VGA, HDMI – GigE (1PM64AA)

This HP USB-C Mini Dock docking station has an input for VGA and HDMI, as well as plenty of connection options for all your devices to integrate with just one input seamlessly.


Stay Tuned for Even More Connectivity Solutions at iNetSupply.com

We’re going to be getting in a variety of new docking stations from other brands soon as well. So always browse the website when home office inspiration strikes so you can find the latest and greatest product offerings! We’re constantly rolling out new product lines, and you can see live, up-to-date inventory, so you know how many we’re stocking, ready to ship directly to your home or office! So shop now and increase your productivity.