If you’ve struggled to find switches, desktops or laptops, or really any tech product for your business recently, you’re not alone. Tech suppliers around the world have been struggling to stock adequate levels of some of the most integral products to keep businesses connected, secure, and supported.

Here’s why…


3 Global Issues Impacting the Tech Supply Chain 

Semiconductor Shortages 

While most predicted that the semiconductor chip shortage would be over by now, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Now, Deloitte predicts many lead times will continue into 2023. Plus, over half of the semiconductor-grade neon comes from two Ukrainian companies impacted by the war in Ukraine. 


Decreased Air Freight Capacities 

A lot of manufacturing is done overseas. That’s no secret. Whether it’s entire products or pieces required for stateside assembly and manufacturing. But the pandemic has caused a reduction in flights and pilot shortages that don’t just impact commercial air transit—it impacts the supply chain as well. Logistics Management explains that it could require international shipments from multiple locations to create a single product. One impacted shipment slows down the entire manufacturing process, causing product shortages.


Simple Supply & Demand

The swell in demand for technology during the pandemic was unexpected. Paired with the above challenges and labor shortages around the globe, there was no way for suppliers to keep up with the ever-growing demand. Businesses were totally reworking their networking, people needed portable technology that would work from anywhere, and everyone outfitted their homes with record numbers of gadgets to keep entertained. There was no way for tech suppliers to keep up, and they’re still trying to fulfill orders and get their production back to sustainable levels.


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Cisco – Network Stacking Module (C9200L-STACK-KIT=)


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