This year, our team has made a commitment to adding more services and products crafted just for our customers. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the release of a new program that has been designed to give our valued customers more for their money—our rewards program, iPoints!

With this new program, we’ll be giving you points for every dollar you spend with us on and then some — so you can maximize your investments every time you buy with us. Ready to learn more?

Time to Earn iPoints—Here’s How:

How many rewards programs are you a part of? The average person is a member of about 15 loyalty programs, and we want to be one of them. The return is even greater when you’re using points for purchases like your new laptop or smart home systems than the coffee you buy every morning at Starbucks, right? Our pro tip is to use your credit card to purchase from so you get credit card points AND our iPoints, win-win!

So, how can you start racking in iPoints with There are a five ways:

Sign-Up for An Account

When you sign up for the rewards program, you’ll be rewarded just for joining! After making your account you’ll be able to sign in and see 500 iPoints waiting for you. Equivalent to $5 to get your rewards balance started!

Make Purchases

Like any other rewards program, with every dollar you spend at you’ll get a point! So, if you purchase a new Targus Work + Play Fitness Notebook Carrying Backpack for your new notebook, you’ll get 91 iPoints or if you snag a new Dell Latitude 5410 with 16 GB of RAM, you’ll get 1,057 iPoints. That’s over $10 off on your next purchase!

Celebrate a Birthday

Each year on your birthday, we want to celebrate you with a special gift—iPoints! We’ll add 500 iPoints to your account as a birthday gift each and every year.

Leave a Review

Get a product from us and want to share your thoughts? For each review you leave you’ll earn 500 iPoints!

Refer a Friend

Now this is a fun one. If you tell a friend about how much you love and they register for an account and buy anything from our site, you’ll get an iPoint for every dollar THEY spend. Free points? Yes, please!

But that’s not all, our iPoints rewards program isn’t just limited to individuals. Businesses can also earn iPoints for their IT department purchases with us, you just have to register for an account and fill in some information that will get you approved.

Once you have an account you can easily track your iPoints in your account dashboard, as well as share referral links to get those “Refer a Friend” points. Start tracking now, friends!

Shopping with Just Got More Fun

Let’s be honest, we all get a little bit of a rush when you can earn points that equate to free money, right?! That’s why we’re so excited to bring this program to you, our valued customers. We all need a little more fun in our lives, so are you ready to start seeing those points multiply? Sign up for your free account today and get 500 iPoints (equal to $5) just for joining us. Just one more reason to shop with!