Ah, sweet summertime has arrived. But in this new world of work, juggling summer vacations, kids being home, trying to work and still be productive, sort of brings you back to early pandemic days, yes? We understand. We’ve discovered the key to easy transitions between seasons, literally and figuratively, while working from home. It’s having the right laptop accessories on your side. Today, we’re just sharing the top three, so you can start simple! 


3 Laptop Accessories to Invest in for Simpler Work-Life Transitions


Now, let us note that this is not an exhaustive list. We’re just sharing a few of our team’s favorites that make life easier.


Laptop Backpack

You want to protect your most valuable tool at all costs. So, throwing your laptop in any old bag without protection is risky business, even with a warranty. Regardless of whether you’re popping into the office for a day or going on a week-long road trip (while still logging in for meetings) with your family, you want to make sure your laptop is in a safe spot and easy to tote. 


We love the Targus brand of laptop backpacks for this!


Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack Carrying Backpack (TG-TSB238US)

At less than three pounds, this backpack is light as a feather, water-resistant, and scratch-proof. It can carry up to a 16” laptop in a padded pocket within the bag. If you have a 17” but love this backpack, there’s an option for that too.


Wireless Headset 

With kids playing and enjoying the summer, there is bound to be a lot of noise. That makes it hard to work no matter how good you are at zoning out. A wireless headset will allow you to wear noise-canceling headphones so regardless of where you are, you can be in the zone and work productively. And, your coworkers won’t be able to hear all the ruckus in the background either! A win-win.


Check out our recent blog with a whole round-up of great wireless headset options!


Docking Stations

Lastly, a docking station! If you don’t have one of these for your home office set up yet, you’re missing out (check out our recent blog about why!). You can take advantage of a multiple-screen setup without any effort at all. And, if you’ve used more than one screen, you know how much more productive you can be! 


Here are a couple we love that suit multiple requirements:


Dell Docking Station WD19S – Docking Station – USB-C – HDMI (WD19S180W)


Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD19TBS – Docking Station – USB-C / Thunderbolt (WD19TBS)


HP USB-C Mini Dock – Docking Station – USB-C – VGA, HDMI – GigE (1PM64AA)


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