It’s no secret that electric vehicles are the future. Significantly fewer emissions, affordability, lower maintenance costs, and comparable – if not better – safety ratings to that of gasoline and diesel cars are just a few of the consumer considerations at the top of the list. Compounded with rising fuel prices, more and more people are making the switch to EVs. As providers of the best innovative and pioneering technologies, iNetSupply aims to support our clients by expanding our product offerings in this category.

Since entering the ecommerce market in 2013, iNetSupply has been dedicated to providing technology that aligns with our customers’ top priorities, namely connectivity, value, and efficiency – and offering them at unbeatable prices. Here are a few of them:

Shell Portable Electric Vehicle Charger 32A

No installation required! This portable charger comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to place in the trunk whenever you leave the house. Apart from being an on-the-go must-have, the Shell Portable EV Charger also features an adjustable current mode and timer that lends towards cost-effectivity while built-in S-Protech safety technology provides protection against overheating, over-voltage, and more.

Shell Portable Electric Vehicle Charger 40A

The Shell Portable EV Charger 40A has everything the 32A charger has and so much more. Like the 32A charger, the 40A also provides level 2 charging, making it 7x faster than standard level 1 chargers. Its SAE J1772 socket makes the 40A just as compatible with over 20 EV brands like Volvo, Audi, Ford, and Land Rover, and comes with adaptor options like the NEMA 5-15P available for Teslas.

TurnOnGreen™ EV700 Level 2 Smarter Home Charger

This state-of-the-art level 2 charger is a great, affordable plug-and-play upgrade for fast home charging. With wide EV compatibility, safety and performance compliance certification, and all-weather design, the EV700 also features user-friendly technology with an app available on both Android and iOS.

Some consumers may be hesitant to switch to the greener tech of EVs due to charging concerns. iNetSupply aims to continue to address these and more technology needs in line with our mission to provide technology solutions for every aspect of life.

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