We’re living in a time where businesses are working from anywhere. The way of life today is increasingly becoming less about location and more about independence. This means that it’s more important than ever to have the tools required to do work autonomously no matter where you or your business take you!

As many transition between office and a home office, one question we get asked constantly here at iNetSupply.com is, how Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home differ. It’s a valid question to have, especially given that our home and work lives tend to mesh together more often nowadays. We find ourselves working on our home PC or laptop and vice versa all the time, so why not streamline and ensure you’re prepared for it all?

All About Windows 10 & New Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most recent operating system. An operating system is the primary software that essentially makes sure the computer runs. Operating systems are installed on the hard drive of a computer and they actively manage all of the software and hardware from within the CPU; so that you can get all your work done, play all your games, or binge watch the latest Netflix release on your computer. Microsoft Windows is the most highly utilized desktop operating system in the world, powering nearly 75% of computers today. This means that whichever version you decide on, you’ll be in good hands, there are just a few differences to note! But let’s start by touching on a few key features that were released with all versions of Windows 10:

  • Cortana: Like the beloved Siri on iPhone and Apple, Windows has created Cortana front and center now. With this feature you can chat, ask questions, schedule important meetings, make lists, open applications, and more!
  • Password Sharing via WiFi: If you’re working near someone or have a visitor at home, rather than reading off that long, unmemorable password, you can drop it to their computer.
  • Stream Games with Xbox One: Gamers and parents enjoy this feature, where games can be streamed from the Xbox to the computer, so the TV isn’t hogged all night long. You can also hit Windows + G to pull up a Game Bar for improved gaming features.
  • Visualize Storage Space: Just as with your phone, you can now see how much storage you have left and what type of files are taking up how much space on your drive.

Breaking Down Windows 10 Home vs. Pro

While both operating systems are highly functional, pro is fitted with a few more security features and traditional business operations features that are incredibly useful for personal or professional use. Windows 10 Pro is essentially Windows 10 Home with added features. The main differences you’ll find in Windows 10 Pro vs. Windows 10 Home are:

  • Remote Desktop: If you want to be able to control the machine from afar, only Pro has this capability. If you anticipate needing IT help, this is useful.
  • BitLocker: This standard hard drive encryption technology is only available on Pro and helps with added security for your computer and files by encrypting data that can’t be read without a recovery key. It’s added peace of mind that if the worst-case scenario happens, your data will be safe.
  • Memory Limits: The 64-bit Pro offers 2 terabytes of RAM whereas Home offers only 128 gigabytes.

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