You’ve made the investment in an electric vehicle. Congratulations! You’re on the road to the future of automotive and sustainability, which we are proud to support. So, now that you have your electric vehicle purchased, how are you going to keep it charged? With the popularity of electric vehicles growing by the day, the number of EV chargers is growing too. This can make it particularly difficult to decide which EV charger may meet your unique needs and keep you powered so you can use your vehicle exactly as you envision. The key is asking the right questions about your lifestyle and use-case to determine the right EV charger fit. 

Today, we’re sharing those questions to get you on the road, fully powered!


4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on an EV Charger


Where do you park? 

If you live in a city or area where you’re finding yourself parking on the street a lot, you may need a portable EV charger versus wall mounted. This way, you have a bit more flexibility in terms of where you can charge up—all you need to do is find a spot with a NEMA 14-50R plug, in many cases. However, if you have a set space in a garage or your own home garage though, a wall-mounted device would be ideal so you can charge overnight for full power in the morning!

Another thing to note is if you have a driveway but no garage, you’ll want to invest in a charger that can easily be installed outside with the proper safety and security features to do so. This means lighting-proof and waterproof design!


Where will it be installed?

This isn’t necessarily about location as much as it is about power. What sort of power access do you have to hook up your EV charger? Level 2 EV chargers run via a 240V appliance outlet electrical connection, which isn’t necessarily readily available in all garages. It can absolutely be added, but it will come at a cost. In this case, it’s best to find a spot where it can be installed close to an electrical panel for easier installation.


What’s your budget?

If you’ve invested all your cash in purchasing the electric car itself, you may not have the extra money to pay for a 40A charger. You may want to save a few bucks and opt for a 32A or lower charger. It may take slightly longer to charge, but it’s still just as effective if you won’t be driving long distances!


Is this your only vehicle?

If the EV is your only vehicle, you’ll want to invest in the most powerful EV charger available to you. This way, you’ll never be left without a charge, and even if you have to pop home, you can “fuel up” quickly to get back on the road. Has EV Chargers to Suit Your Lifestyle & Needs has both portable and wall-mounted EV chargers for residential use. This way, you’ll always be charged and ready to hit the road in a way that suits your unique lifestyle! Check out the TurnOnGreen™ EV700 and Shell Portable Electric Vehicle Charger 32A functions and features to see which may be right for you and your family.