In his free time, Steve enjoys spending time outdoors.

One thing that differentiates from other eCommerce tech companies is that we’re a team of real people, always. No bots, no automation. It’s just us. A group of techies, experts, and customer-service driven professionals. And while we usually help you from behind the scenes, we want to get to know you better, and vice versa. So, today, we’re launching a new blog series: Get to Know In this series we’ll share a quick Q&A session where you’ll meet our team members. So, next time you chat with or interact with someone from the team, you can put a face to the name! 

First up, meet Steve Kiley, our eCommerce Operations Manager, aka the guy that makes it all happen! Ready to meet, Steve? 


What is your role at, Steve? 

As the eCommerce Operations Manager at I take care of the online pricing, assist in purchasing, handle day-to-day platform relations with partners like Amazon and Newegg (did you know we sell there, too?), and work directly with our developers on implementation of automation for our system. So, simply put, I do a little bit of everything to make sure that the high-quality products we offer are available to our customers wherever they may search!


From your perspective, what sets apart from other eCommerce tech companies? 

We offer huge value compared to other eCommerce tech companies. For small businesses like ours and our competitors, it can be difficult to get the best pricing on latest technology. But, since we’ve been in business for nearly 10 years, we’ve spent time building relationships with our suppliers which results in the best pricing around. That’s important to us, and we don’t put things on our site that don’t fit into that affordable, impactful product category. 


How does provide exemplary customer service to their customers and what’s your role in that? 

We really care about our customers. You’re not just a number, you’re not just an email address. As a small business, everything we do is built upon cultivating close relationships. That doesn’t just mean our suppliers but our customers too. We do everything in our power to make sure they’re receiving the best deals on the newest, most progressive technology that will allow them to level up in life and business. I think that’s pretty special and am honored to be a part of a team that puts their customers’ success first! 


What’s the best part about working with 

Being involved in getting the latest technology in the hand of consumers is pretty cool. Our world today is so centered around technology. It literally drives every part of our lives these days. The fact that we’re able to provide clients with the tech that drives their lives is something that I really enjoy.


Any product you recommend this month? 

One of our latest launches that I think is cutting edge is the Shell Portable Electric Vehicle Chargers. There has been so much progress with EV chargers and EVs in general over the past couple of years and I personally know so many people who are investing in at least one EV for their family. With these chargers, the range anxiety is eliminated and you have a constant safety net sitting in your trunk. Products like this are going to change the game when it comes to owning and expanding the footprint of electric vehicles for a more sustainable future. I’m here for it!

Stay tuned for more employee spotlights to get to know our team at We look forward to “meeting you”! In the interim, do you have questions for our team? Let’s chat!