If you’ve worked with our iNetSupply.com team before, you know we love Cisco Small Business solutions. Which is why we’re so excited to be able to offer the Cisco Business Switches line, aka the CBS Line. Cisco says it best:

“Cisco® Business Switch is a new portfolio of affordable switches that provides a reliable foundation for any small business network.”

Cisco always aims to create solutions that their consumers need. They know that every business isn’t a multi-million-dollar conglomerate (although they have solutions for those too, of course). Their goal with launching the CBS line is to allow small businesses the opportunity to create a network that works for them. One that’s affordable, reliable, easy to use, and secure. It’s not a small task, but they’ve aced it with this product line that offers enterprise-level solutions that are made accessible for SMBs everywhere.

4 Things to Know About Cisco Business Switch Capabilities

So, here’s what you need to know about the CBS Line…

Zero Touch Deployment

The zero-touch provisioning is something that Cisco is known for. It means that these new networking devices can be taken out of the box and are automatically discovered by the network in the factory-default state to be on-boarded to the network. It’s designed to make your life simpler when getting your network up and running.

Easy Scalability

The goal of any small business is to achieve growth, right? So, the Cisco Business Switches are created in a way that you can scale seamlessly. The portfolio offers devices that are as small as five ports, all the way up to 48 ports. You can stack up to four switches to operate interconnectedly with one singular account/ device to manage. Easy as that!

Simple Network Management

These one-of-a-kind solutions are designed to be intuitive, making the mobile management of your tech even more simple. Lifecycle management is automated, and they’ve launched a new web user interface that is created with the customer in mind. Plus, the unboxing comes completed with a Quick Start Guide with graphics that leaves no question in your mind about how to deploy your solutions!

Diverse Advanced Features

From enhanced security features to advanced routing to provide greater bandwidth, these new solutions will help your business with its digital transformation.

You Can Find Cisco Business Solutions Products at iNetSupply.com

As a valued Cisco distribution partner for 20+ years, we get first access to new and innovative technologies like the CBS line. You can count on us to keep stock of the most essential networking solutions to keep your small business running! Here are a few of our favorites:

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